Henderson Auto Inc.

Paul Henderson's interest in foreign cars began with the purchase of a VW bug back in the seventies. He enjoyed working on it and fixing it up himself. It was the beginning of a lasting fascination with imports that later prompted Paul to turn his passion for foreign automobiles into a successful career.

As founder and owner of Henderson Foreign Auto Parts, Paul has been involved with all phases of the automotive industry. For many years he managed a full service repair facility as well as a successful paint and body shop. His hands on experience in these areas makes him an invaluable resource for professionals who work with foreign automobiles everyday.

For nearly 25 years auto recycling has been the heart of his business. Today it is Paul's sole business. Henderson Foreign Auto Parts specializes in the sale of quality, original, recycled foreign auto parts. Recent expansions in the dismantling areas and improved housing for increasing inventory are a couple examples of how Paul is always striving to improve efficiency.

As a first generation leader in the auto recycling world, Paul's vast knowledge of his product coupled with his outstanding business ethic has established Henderson Foreign Auto Parts at the forefront of the industry. The online inventory can tell you at a glance if the part you need is available and the easily accessible order form makes ordering fast and easy. Of course, Paul and his staff are available to offer advice or discuss any special needs.

Let Paul's 25 years of experience work for you. Make Henderson Foreign Auto Parts your main source for quality, recycled foreign auto parts.